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Online RH133 System AdministrationTraining Video Course


Online RH133 System Administration Training Video Course
Single User Price:
12 Months
RHCE Certification:
12 Months
Unlimited IT Library:
12 Months

Our RH133 System Administration online training course is perfect for users of Linux (or UNIX) who want to start building skills in systems administration on Red Hat Enterprise Linux to a level where they can attach and configure a workstation to an existing network. The course is taught by leading industry professionals who have years of experience within the IT field, so know that you will receive a quality education that is also cost-effective since everything you need to learn successfully is included in the course. The online RH133 System Administration training course is designed for those Linux or UNIX users who understand the basics of Red Hat Linux and want to begin the process of becoming a systems administrator.

Topics for the self-study RH133 System Administration web based training (WBT) course include: Hardware, device configuration and installation, Filesystem management, system initialization and services, user administration, network configuration, system administration tools, RPM, boot loaders and kickstart, Kernel services and configuration, the X Window system, and troubleshooting. At the completion of the course, you will be able to install, configure and attach a new Red Hat Linux system to an existing production network. You will learn all this by full-motion training videos that are instructor led and feature in-depth discussions, interactive demos, quizzes and assessments to track and monitor your progress and step-by-step instructions that detail the many processes. The online RH133 System Administration training course also features a Red Hat simulated environment that allows you to get hands-on practice so that you are familiar with the program and know what to do when working with it on your own.

But, the best part about the course is that you do not have to attend boring classes or have to follow someone else's schedule since the course is self-paced and self-guided, allowing you the freedom to learn on your own terms.