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Microsoft InfoPath Training Online

Self-Study Store offers a comprehensive collection of Microsoft training courses including courses covering InfoPath. These Microsoft InfoPath training online courses are ideal for both individual and group learning environments. At the individual level, the training is flexible and self-paced, allowing individuals the ultimate in control over their studies. At the group level, Microsoft InfoPath online training videos deliver consistency. All trainees, even if enrolled separately at different times, learn the same material from the same instructor. Hosted online, the videos are readily available.

Online MS InfoPath basic training is also an affordable choice. Rather than bringing in an instructor and disrupting operations, you can assign the training only to those employees who need it. Trainees watch the videos on demand and can even watch them after hours or on weekends.

Microsoft InfoPath Training Courses:

  • Microsoft InfoPath 2013
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2007