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Online Microsoft Windows Server Training Videos

For organizations and businesses, training your employees in the Microsoft Windows Server they use every day allows them to perform their jobs well, as it increases productivity, customer satisfaction and increases your company’s bottom line. Our Microsoft Our Windows Server online training courses are the best way to learn the valuable skills and knowledge associated with the program. Taught by certified instructors with years of experience, the course features a dynamic curriculum that is designed to help you learn fast and retain the information longer. Whether you are new to working with Windows Server or are a long-timer user , our online Microsoft Windows Server training course has something for all, as it teaches you how to successfully master the application and use it to its fullest.

Microsoft Windows Server Training

We offer tutorials in Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008, so you can take whichever course you feel you need. The self-study Microsoft Windows Server web based training (WBT) course features full-motion videos give you an up-close look at the features and demonstrate the steps that you'll need to understand. Since these videos feature a certified instructor , you'll get the same high-quality instruction that you would normally get in a classroom, but without the travel requirements. With simulations and hands-on activities actively reinforcing your learning, our online Microsoft Windows Server training course is your most cost-effective option for IT training since it includes everything you need to successfully learn without having to spend additional money on other materials.

Because this self-paced and self-guided course allows you to work according to your own specific needs and time commitments, you can get this vital training without having to adjust your workload in order to attend classes. Instead of taking time off from work to go to attend classes, log onto your computer and go online to your account and begin learning!