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Online Microsoft Visio 2007 Training Video Course


Online Microsoft Visio 2007 Training Video Course
Single User Price:
12 Months
Microsoft Office 2007 Training:
12 Months
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12 Months

Learn how to properly master the one diagramming software for IT and business professionals that allow you to visualize, explore and communicate complex information when you take our online Visio 2007 training videos. Go from complicated text and tables that are hard to understand to Visio diagrams that communicate information at a glance. In the online Visio 2007 online course you will be able to learn all the program's functions and how to use the wide variety of diagrams in Visio to understand, act on and share information about organizational systems, resources and processes throughout your organization and company.

There are many benefits to taking our online Visio 2007 training tutorial course and here are a few: you will learn how to visualize, explore and communicate your systems, resources, processes and that data behind them; be more productive by integrating diagrams with information across sources; reduce manual data re-entry by letting the program keep diagrams up to date for you; visualize and act on complex information by displaying data in diagrams; explore data and easily track trends, identify issues and flag expectations with PivotDiagrams; create diagrams faster by letting the program connect shapes for you; communicate complex information with new template and shapes offered in Visio; effectively convey information with professional-looking diagrams that will impress all who see; be able to chare the diagrams with a broad audience and be able to save the diagrams as Web pages, JPG files or GIF files for those that do not have the program installed on their computer; and, finally, learning how to fully customize Visio 2007 programmatically and create custom data-connected solutions.

The self-study Microsoft Office Visio 2007 web based training (wbt) videos are taught by industry leading professionals who have years of experience and will pass down all their knowledge down to you. These certified subject matter experts have created a dynamic curriculum that features a variety of useful learning methods that will break down hard-to-understand material. The online computer training course features interactive components, in-depth discussions, demos, step-by-step instructions and even provides you with a simulated Visio 2007 environment so that you can get hands-on practice with the program, meaning you do not need a copy of it installed on your computer to successfully learn all the information.

Busy professionals will really enjoy the fact the Microsoft Office Visio 2007 training is totally self-paced and self-guided, allowing you to choose your own learning experience and set the pace that is most convenient for you.


Microsoft Visio 2007 Pro Complete

1.0 Visio Introduction
1.1 What is Microsoft Visio
1.2 Interface Overview and Toolbars
1.3 Hiding and Showing Toolbars
1.4 Choosing a Drawing Type
1.5 Drawing, Rulers, Grids, and Guides
1.6 Using Zoom

2.0 Working with Shapes
2.1 Using Shapes
2.2 Selecting Shapes
2.3 Cut, Copy, and Paste
2.4 Using Undo
2.5 Resizing Shapes
2.6 Moving Shapes
2.7 Duplicating Shapes
2.8 Aligning and Distributing Shapes
2.9 Rotating or Flipping Shapes
2.10 Grouping Shapes

3.0 Working with Text
3.1 Typing and Editing Text
3.2 Using the Text Box Tool
3.3 Changing Text Color, Size, and Alignment
3.4 Using the Format Painter
3.5 Inserting Symbols

4.0 Working with Pages
4.1 Adding Pages
4.2 Switching Between Open Pages
4.3 Removing Pages
4.4 Using Page Setup

5.0 Enhancing Shapes
5.1 Manually Connecting Shapes
5.2 Auto Connecting Shapes
5.3 Changing Line Styles
5.4 Changing Fill Color
5.5 Adding Shadows

6.0 Enhancing Drawings
6.1 Inserting a Comment
6.2 Adding Backgrounds
6.3 Adding Borders and Titles
6.4 Using a Theme
6.5 Adding a Chart
6.6 Inserting a Picture from ClipART

7.0 Working with Visio Files
7.1 Using the Status Bar
7.2 Using the Print Preview
7.3 Saving a File in a Different Format
7.4 Saving as a Web Page
7.5 Using Templates
7.6 Creating a Drawing to Scale
7.7 Creating a Template
7.8 Working with Multiple Drawings