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Online Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 Training Video Course


Online Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 Training Video Course
Single User Price:
12 Months
Microsoft Office 2007 Training:
12 Months
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12 Months

Get the tools you need to successfully use Office SharePoint Designer 2007 after taking our online SharePoint Designer 2007 training tutorial course, which will teach you the powerful tools you need to deliver compelling and amazing SharePoint sites and quickly build work-flow enabled applications and reporting tools on the SharePoint platform, all in an IT-managed environment. Learn from certified professionals in the field and improve your IT knowledge and possibly your career after finishing our Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 online training course.

Benefits of taking the online computer training videos are: being more productive with next-generation Microsoft Web technologies; customize SharePoint sites exactly the way you want to tailor sites to your needs and set brand requirements using the latest ASP.NET technology; easily make or undo changes across entire SharePoint sites by editing the master mage and modifying the SharePoint cascading style sheets; maintain control over site customization to help ensure information workers have an IT-managed and- compliant experience; create workflows to automate business processes; create interactive Web pages without writing code; and integrating business data.

Our SharePoint Designer 2007 web based training (wbt) videos provide you with the best training solutions that enable you to learn at your own pace and in a simulated SharePoint Designer 2007 environment, meaning you don't even need a copy of the actual program installed on your computer in order to learn successful! Since everything you need is included in the course, you never need to buy additional materials, making our course your most effective choice in terms of learning. You will learn through a variety of interactive components, including videos, animations, graphics, demos, review and much more! The tutorial training bring the content to life with easy to understand presentations and step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow so that you can do it on your own later.

For those busy professionals who have hectic schedules will enjoy the fact the self-study online SharePoint Designer 2007 training course is completely self-paced and self-guided, allowing you to learn on your own free time. Since you have the freedom to choose when you feel like learning, you also have the freedom to go at a pace that is convenient for you so you can speed through each of the sections or take your time. You can also learn in the comforts of your own home of at the office since the course is taken on your PC or laptop.


Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 Basic

1.0 Introduction to SharePoint Designer
1.1 What is SharePoint Designer?
1.2 Benefits of using SharePoint Designer
1.3 Overview the SharePoint Designer environment

2.0 Web Design Concepts
2.1 What are Web Pages and Web Sites?
2.2 Overview the Structure of a Web Site
2.3 Plan and Layout the Structure of a Web Site

3.0 Navigate in SharePoint Designer
3.1 Open an Existing Site
3.2 Use the Task Pane
3.3 Use the Navigation Pane
3.4 Use the Folder List
3.5 Overview Site Settings
3.6 Accessing Site Reports

4.0 Create a Site using SharePoint Designer
4.1 Create a Blank Site
4.2 Create a Site from a Template
4.3 Import a Web Site

5.0 Create a Page on Your Site
5.1 Selecting a Page Type
5.2 Lay Out a Web Page
5.3 Working with the Toolbox

6.0 Insert Text to a Page
6.1 Add Text
6.2 Add Hyperlinks
6.3 Use Styles and Effects
6.4 Use the Find and Replace commands

7.0 Modify Text
7.1 Overview Methods for Selecting Text
7.2 Use the Cut, Copy and Paste Commands
7.3 Use the Office Clipboard feature
7.4 Use the Undo and Redo command
7.5 Use the Spell Check and Thesaurus

8.0 Text Formats
8.1 Use the Formatting Toolbar
8.2 Changing Font Types and Size
8.3 Apply Color and Highlights
8.4 Use the Format Painter feature
8.5 Use the Font Dialogue Box

9.0 Paragraph Formats
9.1 Apply Bullets and Numbers
9.2 Apply Borders and Shading
9.3 Modify Indents and Line Spacing
9.4 Use the Paragraph Dialogue Box

Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 Intermediate

1.0 File Management
1.1 Working with the My Places Toolbar
1.2 Insert a File
1.3 Add a File from a Scanner or Camera
1.4 Overview Using File Formats
1.5 Overview File Properties

2.0 Dynamic Web Templates
2.1 Create a Dynamic Web Template
2.2 Use a Dynamic Web Page Template
2.3 Use a Dynamic Web Site Template
2.4 Modify a Dynamic Web Template

3.0 Importing and Export a Site
3.1 Importing a File and Site
3.2 Export a File
3.3 Importing and Exporting a Web Package

4.0 Working with Code View
4.1 What is HTML?
4.2 Overview the Structure of HTML
4.3 Overview the Code Window
4.4 Overview the Color Coding Scheme

5.0 Applying Basic Tags
5.1 Use Formatting Tags
5.2 Use Alignment Tags
5.3 Use Color Tags
5.4 Open the HTML menu
5.5 Use the HTML Toolbar

6.0 Using the Tag Properties Window
6.1 Show and Hide the Tag Properties Window
6.2 Use the Tag Properties Buttons
6.3 Overview Tag Attributes
6.4 Modify Tag Attributes

7.0 Adding and Modifying Images
7.1 Inserting Images
7.2 Select and Resize an Image
7.3 Aligning and Positioning Images
7.4 Resample a Photo
7.5 Apply the AutoThumbnail feature

8.0 Format Images using the Pictures Toolbar
8.1 Change the Contrast and Brightness
8.2 Apply the Recolor and Crop feature
8.3 Overview Picture Properties
8.4 Apply a Beveled Edge
8.5 Flip and Rotate Images
8.6 Create and Modify Hotspot

9.0 Publish a Site
9.1 Proofing Your Site
9.2 Website Publishing

Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 Advanced

1.0 Text Styles
1.1 Overview the Apply Styles Pane
1.2 Select a Text Style
1.3 Modify Style Options
1.4 Create and Modify a Style
1.5 Modify a Style

2.0 Style Sheets
2.1 Overview CSS Sheets
2.2 Attach a Style Sheet
2.3 Open a Style Sheet
2.4 Overview the Tag Properties Window with CSS Styles

3.0 Working with Tables
3.1 Overview the layout of a Table
3.2 Create a Table
3.3 Enter Cell Data
3.4 Overview Selecting a Table and Cells
3.5 Format a Table
3.6 Modify a Table and Cell Properties
3.7 Overview Using the Tables toolbar

4.0 Interactive Buttons
4.1 Launching the Dialog
4.2 Choosing a Button
4.3 Choosing a Font

5.0 Top Links Bar
5.1 Overview the Navigation Bar
5.2 Add a Link on the Top Link Bar
5.3 Modify the Top Links Bar

6.0 Quick Launch Bar
6.1 Overview the Quick Launch
6.2 Insert a Link on the Quick Launch Bar
6.3 Modify a Link

7.0 Master Pages
7.1 Create a Master Page
7.2 Save a Current Page as a Master
7.3 Modify the Master Page

8.0 Web Components
8.1 Opening the Web Components Dialog
8.2 Choosing a Web Component
8.3 Modifying a Web Component
8.4 Downloading Additional Components

9.0 SharePoint Components
9.1 Overview SharePoint
9.2 Insert a Component
9.3 Use Common Control Tasks
9.4 Modify Components Properties
9.5 Choosing an Image
9.6 Modifying the Button