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Online Microsoft Publisher 2007 Training Video Course


Online Microsoft Publisher 2007 Training Video Course
Single User Price:
12 Months
Microsoft Office 2007 Training:
12 Months
Unlimited Desktop Library:
12 Months

Learn how to create and distribute impressive marketing materials in-house by taking our online Publisher 2007 training tutorial course that will have you mastering the program in no time at all! With our Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 online training videos, you will learn from leading industry professionals who are experts in their field as they pass down their years of knowledge and experience to you in an amazing curriculum they have designed to help you learn the most from our course.

In our Microsoft online computer training, you will learn how to efficiently create high-quality publications that reflect your brand identity using custom color schemes, front schemes, your personal logo and business information then apply it to your material; preview and access templates within Publisher 2007 that you can use right away or even customize to fit your needs; learn how to connect with customers by personalizing your publications using Mail Merge, Catalog Merge and new E-Mail Merge for print and e-mail distribution; convert your publications to PDFs or XPS format; simply the process of creating publications with Publisher Task that includes tips for personalizing, how to prepare mail lists, how to prepare your publication for print and much more; and learn how to save time by reusing your work to use on another publication type. You will also learn how to build custom publications from a database and the ways to fine-tune your publications with powerful, intuitive design tools.

Since we hire only the best subject matter experts to teach our online Publisher 2007 training course, know that you will always receive a quality education that will help enhance your IT knowledge, and even your career! This course features a variety of useful learning strategies that will help you better understand the material presented to you and even help you retain the information longer, so that you know exactly what you are doing when working with Publisher on your own. The course features a dynamic curriculum filled with in-depth lectures and discussions. Another benefit of taking the Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 web based training videos is that the course is completely self-guided. You have the freedom to choose when you want to learn and can even set your own learning pace. You are in complete control of your learning journey when taking our course!


Microsoft Publisher 2007

1.0 Basic Publications
1.1 Examining Publisher
1.2 Making a Quick Publication (Flyer)
1.3 Saving Publications
1.4 AutoRecover
1.5 Blank Publications (Invitation)
1.6 Adding Text
1.7 Inserting Graphics
1.8 Closing and Exiting Publisher

2.0 Creating a Multi-Page Document
2.1 Creating a Newsletter
2.2 Inserting Text
2.3 Creating Text Boxes
2.4 Fitting & Linking Text in Text Boxes
2.5 Adding a Continued Notice
2.6 Copying and Moving Text Boxes
2.7 Resizing Text Boxes
2.8 Deleting Text Boxes
2.9 Textbox Alignment
2.10 Deleting and Inserting Pages

3.0 Text Editing and Formatting
3.1 Editing Text
3.2 Paragraph Formatting
3.3 Finding and Replacing Text
3.4 Using AutoCorrect
3.5 Spell Check

4.0 Publication Formatting
4.1 Choosing a Different Layout
4.2 Choosing a Color Scheme
4.3 Choosing a Font Scheme

5.0 Working with Graphics
5.1 Inserting Pictures from Files
5.2 Formatting Picture Frames
5.3 Wrapping Text Around Pictures
5.4 Creating AutoShapes
5.5 Formatting AutoShapes
5.6 Deleting Autoshapes
5.7 Aligning and Distributing AutoShapes
5.8 Stacking Objects
5.9 Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
5.10 Using WordArt

6.0 Distributing Publications
6.1 Emailing Newsletters
6.2 Printing to a Desktop Printer
6.3 Commercial Printing