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Online Microsoft OneNote 2007 Training Video Course


Online Microsoft OneNote 2007 Training Video Course
Single User Price:
12 Months
Microsoft Office 2007 Training:
12 Months
Unlimited Desktop Library:
12 Months

Learn how to keep all your notes organized in one place by taking our self-paced online OneNote 2007 training video course. As a digital notebook that provides a flexible way to gather notes and information, and with its powerful search capabilities, users can find what they are looking for quickly and can easily share their notes with the rest of the team to work together more effectively.

We hire only the best certified instructors to teach our Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 online tutorial, which guarantees that you always receive a quality education that is both informative and cost-effective. In our online computer training course, you will learn how to gather your notes and information in one place, including text, pictures, digital handwriting, audio and video recording and more to help you make more informed decisions and be better prepared; how to back up valuable information so that it won't be vulnerable to data loss; be able to find information more quickly so that you don't have to waste time looking for stuff; be able to work with you team more effectively since the program keeps track of al versions and changes to avoid duplicate work; organize all the information the way that works with you; and be able to prioritize and manage tasks and to-do lists.

The online OneNote 2007 training videos feature a wide selection of useful learning strategies that will have you learning all the information faster and be able to retain it longer. Our certified subject matter experts have years of experience in the industry and have developed a dynamic curriculum that is filled with interactive components that gets you actually working with the program's functions. The course features in-depth discussions that detail the information in step-by-step instructions so that you really get familiar with the program.

Those with day jobs who have busy and hectic schedules do not have to worry about having to follow a traditional schooling schedule since the OneNote 2007 web based training (wbt) is both self-paced and self-guided. You get to set you own learning schedule and even set your own learning pace that you feel most comfortable with. Since you learn entirely on your laptop or PC, you can learn in the comforts of your own home, office or even your favorite café!


1.0 Overview
1.1 Using OneNote
1.2 New Features
1.3 Reviewing the Interface
1.4 Working with Tabs
1.5 Managing the Navigation Bar
1.6 Reviewing the Toolbars
1.7 Browsing the Menus

2.0 Working with OneNote
2.1 Writing Notes
2.2 Building Pages
2.3 Adding Side Notes and Subpages
2.4 Printing Files to OneNote
2.5 Including Audio and Video
2.6 Including Additional Files
2.7 Including Screen Clips
2.8 Integrating with MS Outlook
2.9 Prioritizing and Emphasizing Items
2.10 Managing and Sharing Notebooks

3.0 Transforming Items
3.1 Cutting, Pasting and Copying
3.2 Managing Order and Placement
3.3 Resizing Data
3.4 Formatting Notes
3.5 Sorting, Hiding and Viewing Items

4.0 Additional Tasks
4.1 Organizing with Tables
4.2 Managing Tables
4.3 Working with the Pen
4.4 Managing Text with Tools
4.5 Organizing with Lists and Levels
4.6 Including Sections
4.7 Managing Sections

5.0 Printing and Setup
5.1 Printing and Page Settings
5.2 Configuring Options