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Microsoft Windows 7 Online Training Video Course

Microsoft Windows 7 Online Training Video Course with 24/7 eStructor Support
Single User Price:
12 Months
Was $299.00
Now $199.00
Microsoft Windows 7 Online Training Video Course
Single User Price:
12 Months
Was $199.00
Now $99.00

Save time having to learn all the new features of Microsoft's latest operating system by letting our certified instructors teach you the ins and outs to the new program by taking our online Windows 7 training videos. It can take you hours upon hours of sitting at your computer as you explore the new operating system, but it will take less time to simply follow the dynamic curriculum our subject matter experts have created for our Microsoft Windows 7 online training course. Save yourself time and money and take our course today!

We hire only the leading professionals in the IT to teach our Microsoft Windows 7 online training course so know that you will always receive a quality education that is also cost-effective since everything you need to successfully learn is included in the course. Theses certified instructors have years of experience within the IT world and will teach you how to effectively master all of the new operating system's upgrades and enhancements. Forgot having to learn the program through trial and error and learn about Vista 's replacement from the best in the industry, who will teach you through fun and interactive teaching strategies that will have you learning in no time at all!

The self study Windows 7 web based training videos will introduce you to all the latest and new features and upgrades then show you how to actually work with them to get simple tasks done. You will also learn how to successfully troubleshoot common problems and how to effectively use the program as it was originally designed to be used. The online computer training videos features tons of interactive content, such as in-depth discussions, demos, lectures and more so that you completely understand how to work within the program. These methods will have you learning faster and help you retain the information longer so that you remember how to do things when working with Windows 7 on your own. You will also be given step-by-step instructions as to how to do certain things, which makes it easier to remember later. We also provide you with a Windows 7 simulated environment to work in, so that you are familiar with the program's environment.

The best thing about the online Windows 7 training course is that you can learn on your own time, making it the perfect choice for education for those with busy and hectic schedules. You get to set your own learning pace and when and where you want to learn.


Windows 7 Basic Level Online Training Videos

  • Exploring Windows 7
  • Customizing Windows 7
  • Working with Windows Explorer and Folders
  • Using Control Panel
  • Networking with Windows 7

Windows 7 Intermediate Level Online Training Videos

  • Configuring Hardware Devices
  • Backing up and Restoring Files
  • Security in Windows 7
  • Configuring Internet Explorer 8
  • Mobile Computing and Windows 7
  • Customizing Networks

Windows 7 Advanced Level Online Training Videos

  • Working Remotely
  • System Performance
  • Troubleshooting System Settings and Programs
  • Managing Disks
  • Security