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Online Microsoft Excel 2007 Training Video Course


Online Microsoft Excel 2007 Training Video Course
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12 Months
Microsoft Office 2007 Training:
12 Months
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Knowing how to properly use Excel is a job requirement for most jobs, which is why you should learn to master the program by taking our online Excel 2007 training course that will teach you the ins and outs to the most commonly used computer program. As a tool that helps people analyze information to make more informed decisions, you can learn how to share and manage your analysis and insight with co-workers, customers and partners with greater confidence.

We have only the best certified instructors within the computer training world create our dynamic Microsoft Excel 2007 online course so that you get the most out of the course. Our subject matter experts have years upon years of experience within the industry and will pass down all their knowledge down to you when you take the course. The online computer training course will teach you how to use the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface to help you find powerful tools when you need them; import, organize and explore massive data sets within significantly expanded spreadsheets, which supports spreadsheets that can be up to 1 million rows by 16,000 columns; use the completely redesigned charting engine in the program to communicate your analysis in professional-looking charts faster with few clicks using charting tools; enjoy improved an powerful support for working with tables; create and work with Interactive PivotTable views with ease; and take notice of important trends and find exceptions in your data.

Another benefit of taking our Microsoft Excel 2007 web based training videos is that you will learn how to prevent the spread of multiple or outdated copies of a spreadsheet throughout your organization by using Excel 2007 with Office SharePoint Server 2007, which allows you to control which users can view and modify spreadsheets on the server using permission-based access. The online MS Excel 2007 training tutorial also features in-depth discussions and lectures, detailing the information and then takes you to hands-on activities, where you get to practice in our Excel 2007 simulated environment, meaning you don't even need a copy of the actual program installed on your computer to successfully learn.

The biggest benefit of the online Excel training videos is that busy professionals can fit in learning whenever they find the time to do so. You get to create your own learning schedule and set your own pace. Those with hectic schedules do not have to sacrifice other priorities in order to learn about Excel 2007 since they can fit in learning whenever they have spare time.


Microsoft Excel 2007 Basic

1.0 Creating a Basic Worksheet
1.1 Explore the User Interface and the Ribbon
1.2 Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
1.3 Navigate and Select in Excel
1.4 Enter Data and Save a Workbook

2.0 Performing Calculations
2.1 Create Basic Formulas
2.2 Calculate with Functions
2.3 Copy Formulas and Functions

3.0 Modifying a Worksheet
3.1 Manipulate Data
3.2 Working with Cells, Columns, and Rows
3.3 Search for Data in a Worksheet
3.4 Spell Check a Worksheet

4.0 Formatting a Worksheet
4.1 Modify Fonts
4.2 Add Borders and Color to Cells
4.3 Change Column Width and Row Height
4.4 Apply Number Formats
4.5 Using Styles

5.0 Printing Workbook Contents
5.1 Print Workbook Contents Using Default Print Options
5.2 Setting Page Breaks

6.0 Managing Large Workbooks
6.1 Format Worksheet Tabs
6.2 Manage Worksheets in a Workbook
6.3 Manage the View of Large Worksheets

Microsoft Excel 2007 Intermediate

1.0 Calculating Data with Advanced Formulas
1.1 Manage Cell and Range Names
1.2 Calculating Data Across Worksheets
1.3 Analyzing Data with Logical and Lookup Functions

2.0 Organizing Worksheet and Table Data
2.1 Creating and Modifying Tables
2.2 Formatting Tables
2.3 Sorting or Filtering Worksheet or Table Data
2.4 Calculating Data in a Table or Worksheet

3.0 Presenting Data Using Charts
3.1 How to Create a Chart
3.2 Modifying Charts
3.3 Formatting Charts

4.0 Analyzing Data Using PivotTables and PivotCharts
4.1 Creating a PivotTable Report
4.2 Analyzing and Modifying a PivotTable

5.0 Inserting Graphic Objects
5.1 Inserting and Modifying Pictures and ClipArt
5.2 Drawing and Modifying Shapes

6.0 Customizing and Enhancing Workbooks and the Excel Environment
6.1 How to Customize the Excel Environment
6.2 Customizing Workbooks
6.3 Managing Themes
6.4 How to Create and Use Templates

Microsoft Excel 2007 Advanced

1.0 Streamlining Workflow
1.1 Creating Macros
1.2 Adding Macros to the Quick Access Toolbar
1.3 Editing a Macro
1.4 Using Conditional Formatting
1.5 Applying Data Validation to a Worksheet
1.6 Updating Workbook Properties
1.7 Modifying Excel Options

2.0 Collaborating with Others
2.1 Protecting Files and Sharing Workbooks
2.2 Merging Multiple Workbooks
2.3 Adjusting Macro Settings
2.4 Restricting Document Access

3.0 Auditing Worksheets
3.1 Tracing Cell Precedents and Dependents
3.2 Troubleshooting Errors in Formulas
3.3 Watching and Evaluating Formulas
3.4 Creating a Data List Outline

4.0 Analyzing Data
4.1 Adding a Trend Line to Charts
4.2 Create Scenarios and Performing What-If Analysis

5.0 Working with Multiple Workbooks
5.1 Create a Workspace
5.2 Consolidate Data
5.3 Managing Linked Cells in Different Workbooks

6.0 Importing and Exporting Data
6.1 Exporting Excel Data
6.2 Importing a Table from Word