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Online Microsoft Business Contact Manager 3 Training Video Course


Online Microsoft Business Contact Manager (BCM) 3 Training Video Course
Single User Price:
12 Months
Microsoft Office 2007 Training:
12 Months
Unlimited Desktop Library:
12 Months

Get all your contacts in order by taking our self-study online Microsoft Business Contact Manger (BCM) 3 training video course that will help you learn how to use the most powerful customer and contact management program to help you save time, improve sales and marketing and deliver better customer service overall. Organize and manage all your contacts, prospects and customer information in one convenient place so that you can track leads and opportunities throughout the sales cycle. The Microsoft Office Business Contact Manger 3 online tutorial course will help you make your everyday business tasks run smoothly and more efficiently.

Take the self-paced online computer training video course today and let our certified subject matter experts teach you the ins and outs of mastering the program. With many years of experience within the field, they will teach you how successfully manage all your contacts, prospects and customer information in one place so that you can efficiently manage your sales opportunities and activities and provide better service to your customers. You will also learn how to manage marketing campaigns from concept to delivery with step-by-step tools that walk you through the process of creating, distributing and tracking personalized marketing campaigns; learn how to fully customize the dashboard that provides an overview of you important information to help you make decisions and prioritize task; forecast sales and analyze data using flexible reports; customize your contract, prospect and customer information; learn how to keep your project information in one place; and learn how to share information with multi-user access so that everybody is on the same page.

The online BCM 3 training CD course features tons of interactive learning components that make learning fun and easy. The course features full-motion video that makes it seem as if the instructor is really teaching live in front of you and has in-depth lectures and discussions that teach you the information before moving on. You never need any additional materials when taking our course since we provide you with everything you need, making it your most cost-effective choice in terms of learning.

Busy professionals will also like the fact the Business Contact Manger (BCM) 3 web based training videos are self-paced and self-guided, meaning you get to choose when and where you want to learn. You follow your own learning schedule instead of a traditional schooling one where you have to attend classes at an offsite location. You also get to set your own learning pace and can either take your time with each section or move ahead on something you might already know.


1.0 Overview
1.1 Using Business Contact Manager
1.2 Browsing Menus
1.3 Reviewing the Dashboard
1.4 Managing Folders
1.5 Reviewing the Toolbar
1.6 Browsing the Tabs

2.0 Configuration
2.1 Establishing Account Settings
2.2 Managing Databases
2.3 Importing and Exporting Data
2.4 Integrating with Accounting Systems

3.0 Working with Business Contact Manager
3.1 Creating Opportunities
3.2 Managing Opportunities
3.3 Creating Contacts
3.4 Managing Contacts
3.5 Creating Accounts
3.6 Managing Accounts
3.7 Linking Product and Service Items
3.8 Including Notes and Viewing History

4.0 Additional Tasks
4.1 Reorganizing the Dashboard
4.2 Working with Product and Service Items
4.3 Running Reports
4.4 Printing Reports
4.5 Customizing Page Setup
4.6 Working with Forms
4.7 Managing Form Lists

5.0 Managing Projects and Marketing Campaigns
5.1 Incorporating Projects
5.2 Working with Project Tasks
5.3 Setting Up a Marketing Campaign
5.4 Using MS Office Products to Create Campaigns
5.5 Managing Campaign Progress