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Online Microsoft Accounting Professional 2008 Training Video Course


Online Microsoft Accounting Professional 2008 Training Video Course
Single User Price:
12 Months
Microsoft Office 2007 Training:
12 Months
Unlimited Desktop Library:
12 Months

Running or working for a small business is burdensome enough given there is tons of things to worry about at once. Ease your stress by taking our online Accounting Professional 2008 training course, which will help you organize your business' finances and everyday tasks. The online computer training tutorial program is a complete accounting solution that will help you and your business work more efficiently and effectively to manage your finances. It helps you save time on everyday tasks, it allows you to work the way you want and organize all your financial information in one place to get a complete view of your business, with the all familiar look and feel of the Microsoft Office system.

The Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 online video ourse will teach you how to set up the program quickly and easily so that you can begin working with it the minute you install it; do everyday tasks that will later save you time since you enter the data once and can reuse it across commonly used Microsoft Office programs; and use several business templates that are there for your convenience or you can easily customize them to fit your needs.

We hire only the best certified instructors in the industry to teach our online MS Accounting Professional 2008 training course, which guarantees that you will receive a quality education that will have you learning in no time. These subject matter experts will also teach you how to personalize your company home page to get a snapshot of information, such as bank account balances, important reminders and accounts receivable and payable on one screen. You will also be taught how to tailor the program to meet your business' individual needs, such as customize forms to include relevant information fields and export these forms to Microsoft Office Word templates to sharpen the professional appearance of marketing materials and financial documents.

The Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 web based training videos (wbt) will also help teach you how the program helps simplify your payroll and tax processes so that you can do everything yourself. You can also track employee time and job costs, sell on eBay and share information with your accountant or CPA.

The best thing about the training tutorial course is that there is no need to follow a traditional schooling schedule since the course is both self-paced and self-guided. You are in total control of your learning experience, allowing you to fit in the course whenever you have some free time. You can also work at your own pace, thus molding to your learning capabilities for better retention of the information presented in the course. Since the course offers everything you need to successfully learn, there is never a need to go out and buy additional materials, making the course your most cost-effective learning option out there!


Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 Basic

1.0 Setting Up Your Company
1.1 Entering Company Information
1.2 Editing Company Preferences

2.0 Reviewing the Workspace
2.1 Browsing Commands and the Toolbar
2.2 Reviewing the Company Sections and Workspace

3.0 Managing Customers
3.1 Creating a New Customer with Details
3.2 Searching and Sorting the Customer List
3.3 Memorized and Scheduled Documents
3.4 Printing a Document
3.5 Writing a Letter

4.0 Managing Vendors
4.1 Creating a New Vendor
4.2 Searching and Sorting the Vendor List
4.3 Recording Expenses

5.0 Managing Employees
5.1 Creating a New Employee
5.2 Searching for an Employee

6.0 Working with Inventory
6.1 Creating a Purchase Order
6.2 Receiving New Items from Vendors
6.3 Creating a Credit Memo
6.4 Managing Inventory

7.0 Accounts Receivable
7.1 Creating a New Invoice
7.2 Creating Bulk Email and Exporting to Word
7.3 Receiving a Payment
7.4 Creating a Bank Deposit

8.0 Accounts Payable
8.1 Entering Bills
8.2 Paying Bills
8.3 Issuing a Payment

9.0 Reporting
9.1 Reviewing Report Samples and QuickReports
9.2 Creating Basic Reports
9.3 Exporting a Report to Excel

10.0 Additional Online Services
10.1 Reviewing Online Banking and Credit Options
10.2 Browsing Checks and Forms
10.3 Reviewing Online Sales Options

Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 Advanced

1.0 Advanced Administration
1.1 Managing Users
1.2 Managing Security and Administration Settings
1.3 Using Backup and Restore
1.4 Managing Data Files

2.0 Managing Company Task Items
2.1 Creating a Budget
2.2 Forecasting Cash Flow
2.3 Paying Sales Tax

3.0 Working with Payroll
3.1 Posting a Time Entry
3.2 Creating a Time Sheet
3.3 Writing and Printing Payroll Checks

4.0 Managing Customer Tasks
4.1 Creating a New Quote
4.2 Creating a New Sales Order
4.3 Posting a Credit or Refund
4.4 Adding a Finance Charge
4.5 Creating a Cash Sale

6.0 Managing Banking Tasks
6.1 Writing and Printing a Check
6.2 Charging a Credit Card
6.3 Transferring Funds
6.4 Creating a New Bank Account

7.0 Formatting Pages and Reports
7.1 Customizing the Page Setup
7.2 Using Print Preview
7.3 Customizing Reports
7.4 Reviewing Help and Resources

8.0 Working with Lists
8.1 Managing the Chart of Accounts
8.2 Adding an Entry to a List
8.3 Managing Payments and Journal Entries

9.0 Working with Templates and Forms
9.1 Reviewing the Microsoft Word Templates
9.2 Modifying a Word Template
9.3 Customizing a Form
9.4 Reviewing Accountant Business Template Feature
9.5 Setting Up an Accountant Transfer