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Online Microsoft Developer Training Videos

The Microsoft platform supports applications and solutions designed for the smallest devices as well as the largest enterprises. Software developers who use the Microsoft platform can: work with a variety of programming languages, standards, and tools; build applications for Windows, Office, the Web, and mobile devices; take advantage of the resources that Microsoft provides to help software developers design and build world-class applications. Learn all this and more with our Microsoft Developer online training course that is taught by certified professionals who have years of experience within the IT world.

Microsoft Developer Training

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 technologies represent connection and integration. With a .NET environment, developers can blend different programming languages and libraries as they build Windows-based applications as learned in our online Microsoft Developer online training course. These applications feature better management, deployment, and integration with other network systems. Microsoft .NET is supported in Windows Server 2003 and above, so why spend hours upon hours learning all these things on your own when you can learn from the best. Our subject matter experts are certified professionals and have created a dynamic curriculum for our self-study Microsoft Developer web based training (WBT) course. With our course, you do not just learn by reading from a boring textbook, but by seeing and doing. The online Microsoft Developer training course features in-depth discussions, interactive demos, hands-on practice activities and quizzes and assessments that track and monitor your progress within the course.

Forget about having to sit in a classroom, following someone else’s schedule since our course is both self-paced and self-guided, allowing you the freedom to choose when you want to learn. Since learning is totally done on your computer , all you need to successfully take our course is Internet access and a passion to enhance your IT knowledge and take your career to the next level.