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Choose one of our self-study Microsoft training online courses and propel your technical knowledge, your potential for promotions or a new job, and place yourself in a position to be noticed. Many employers require a certain set of office and productivity skills from their staff and new hires. A course or two from our extensive online Microsoft training videos can make a difference in how you are perceived in the office, in interviews, and in how you manage your career. Managers seek individuals with complimentary goals that assist their departments and the corporate philosophy in general. Yes, experience and/or a strong technical skill set can and will make a difference. A self-study Microsoft online training course improving your desktop abilities in Windows XP, Vista or the newly released version 7, or foreknowledge in the upcoming Microsoft Office 2010, informs executives and hiring staff you are serious about the direction of your chosen career. Want to be the person who assists in upgrading an office or network to the latest operating system? Obtain one of our online Microsoft Windows 7 training videos and start your education now.

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With every one of our self-study Microsoft training online courses, learning new skills doesn't have to be a difficult chore. Self study means learning at your convenience. Our courseware is conducted by industry certified instructors, backed with years of IT field experience. Our e-learning subject matter contains interactive content, quizzes and other test assessments, labs, and graphically depicted lessons in crisp, clear formats presented in an understandable manner. This allows the student to absorb the course material efficiently and very effectively. Many students of our online Microsoft training videos have cross trained into new careers or gained promotions with their present employers. Others have started successful businesses they own and operate, such as a home office in tax preparation, accounting and other self starting businesses. Other individuals have used our self-study Microsoft online training course to support and organize their current firms, with word processing, financial spreadsheets, information stored and recalled from databases . . . your present and future talents are unlimited. Imagine your personal and professional stock growing and opening doors, with advance knowledge and experience gained from a Microsoft Office 2010 training online course. Taking the initiative and demonstrating your ability to handle responsibility. Set yourself ahead of the curve. Decide today to invest in your future with one of our online Microsoft training videos.

Microsoft products are among the world's most used software for both business and pleasure. Since Microsoft is so well known in the market, it pays to be knowledgeable and proficient in its various products. Whether you wish to master programs and software, such as those in the Microsoft Office suite, or to become Microsoft Certified at any level, choosing a Microsoft training program like our self-study Microsoft online training program is what you need to stay competitive in the workforce. When you learn how to master the programs, you will also gain respect within the IT world and become a notable IT professional. Microsoft certifications recognize and validate your real-world IT skills, support the certified community by providing access to unique resources, and offer a life-long career path of IT skills development, which is why it is important to your IT career that you take our online Microsoft Certification training course.

Show off your unique skills and learn the ins and outs to working with various Microsoft applications! Certifications are available for nearly every Microsoft application for IT professionals, developers, office workers, home users, and technology trainers and we have self-study Microsoft certification web based training (WBT) courses for all of them. Validate your hands-on experience by obtaining a certification that matches your current or desired job role with an existing or evolving technology. Each of the online Microsoft certification courses feature full-motion training videos that are instructor led and have been created specifically to teach you the ins and outs as to how to master the programs. With our online Microsoft training courses, you will learn via discussions, hands-on practice activities, demos and quizzes and assessments that track and monitor your progress within the course.

The best part about the e-learning courses is that busy IT professionals do not have to worry about taking time off of work to learn since the courses are self-paced and self-guided, allowing them the freedom to learn at their convenience. All you need for the course is a computer with Internet access and you will be on your way to a better IT future!