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Online Microsoft Word 2008 for MAC Training Video Course


Online Microsoft Word 2008 for MAC Training Video Course
Single User Price:
12 Months
Unlimited Desktop Library:
12 Months

Working with Macs is a personal preference that many find better than using PCs, but usually the functions are not the same, which is why you should take our online Word 2008 training video course that will have you mastering this special Mac edition in no time. As part of the Office 2008 for Mac suite of applications, knowing how to properly work with Word will enhance your computing experience tenfold. We hire only the very best subject matter experts with years of experience in the IT world to teach our Microsoft Word 2008 online tutorial course, which guarantees that you always receive a quality education when taking our courses.

Mastering the program entails learning how to properly use all of its features as they were created to be used. Learn how to save time with pre-formatted building blocks, such as tables of contents, cover pages, header , footers and bibliographies. Or you can customize on the fly so to make the document your own. You will also learn how to effectively use the Elements Gallery that easily formats and manages your document in one easy step. When knowing how to properly use Word 2008 for Mac, you will be able to create instant buzz with media-rich layouts, templates and themes in great-looking newsletters, brochures, reports and much more!

The online Microsoft Word 2008 training video features a number of useful learning methods that will have you mastering all the information in no time. The online computer training features tons of interactive content such as in-depth lectures, demos and discussions that display the information in easy-to-understand terms. You will also learn via step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and are easy to remember when doing it on your own.

Busy professionals do not need to worry about having to fit in time for learning into their already busy schedule since the self-study Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac web based training videos are self-paced and self-guided. You get to choose when and where you want to learn since the online Word 2008 training video pops into your personal PC or laptop, allowing you the convenience of learning in your own home or even at your favorite café!


Microsoft Word 2008 Basic

1.0 Exploring Word
1.1 Exploring the Word Program Window
1.2 The Office Button
1.3 The Quick Access Toolbar
1.4 Navigating in Word
1.5 Displaying Tabs
1.6 Exiting Word

2.0 Creating New Documents
2.1 Inserting Text
2.2 Copying and Moving Text
2.3 Editing Text
2.4 AutoCorrect
2.5 Saving
2.6 Printing

3.0 Formatting Text
3.1 Choosing a document type
3.2 Formatting Text
3.3 Using Tabs
3.4 Indenting
3.5 Fonts and Themes

4.0 Formatting Paragraphs
4.1 Line Breaks
4.2 Page Breaks
4.3 Find and Replace
4.4 Spell Check

5.0 Using Graphics
5.1 Inserting WordArt
5.2 Editing WordArt
5.3 Inserting ClipArt

Microsoft Word 2008 Advanced

1.0 Managing Long Documents
1.1 Creating Sections
1.2 Using Go To
1.3 Document Mapping
1.4 Headers and Footers
1.5 Footnotes and Endnotes
1.7 Styles

2.0 Style Formatting
2.1 Using Styles
2.2 Creating Custom Styles
2.3 Editing Styles
2.4 Deleting Styles

3.0 Columns
3.1 Creating Columns
3.2 Column Breaks Graphics in Columns

4.0 Tables
4.1 Creating Tables
4.2 Inserting Columns and Rows
4.3 Formatting Table Data
4.4 Merging and Splitting Cells
4.5 Formatting Borders and Shading
4.6 Converting Text and Tables

5.0 Data Merge
5.1 Creating a Source Document
5.2 Creating a Data File
5.3 Merging
5.4 Merging Labels and Envelopes

6.0 Collaborating
6.1 Track Changes
6.2 Inserting Comments
6.3 Comparing Documents