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Online Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 Training Video Course


Online Mac OS X Leopard Training Video Course
Single User Price:
12 Months
Unlimited Desktop Library:
12 Months

If you are a Mac fanatic, then our Mac OS X Leopard online course is just the thing for you! Let our certified instructors show you the ropes on Mac's newest operating system that features many new upgrades and enhancements. Why spend hours at a time trying to learn it on your own, when you can let one of our subject matter experts teach you how to master it in our online Mac OS X Leopard training course? Our subject matter experts have years upon years of experience in the IT field and will pass down all their knowledge down to you when you sign up for the course, ensuring that you always receive a quality education that will not only enhance your IT knowledge but also your career.

In our online OS X Leopard training video course, you will learn many things about the new operating system, such as how to maneuver within the new desktop that is less cluttered and more organized. The new feature titled Stacks helps you organize your desktop for a neat look that also gives you fast access to a folder of files. You will also learn how to use the new desktop's semitransparent menu bar and reflective 3D Dock that perfectly frames your desktop picture. These subject matter experts will show you how to use Finder to your advantage so that browsing files on your Mac is as easy as browsing music in iTunes. And, most importantly, you will learn how to use the new Time Machine feature that is an automatic backup built right into Mac OS X. It keeps an up-to-date copy of everything on your Mac, so that you can easily go back in time to recover anything if you ever need to.

We realize that not everybody has the free time to take traditional schooling courses, which is why our Mac OS X Leopard web based training videos are self-paced and self-guided, thus allowing you the freedom to create your own learning schedule. Busy professionals will enjoy being in charge of their own learning destiny and being able to set their own learning pace. Since the online computer training course is done entirely on your computer , you can learn virtually anywhere; in the comforts of your own home, office or even at your favorite café!

Our subject matter experts have created a dynamic curriculum filled with interactive content that will help you learn faster and retain the information longer.


1.0 Course Introduction
1.1 Introduction

2.0 Installation
2.1 Installation Requirements
2.2 Pre-installation Tasks
2.3 Checking and Updating Firmware
2.4 Installation Process
2.5 Initial Configuration
2.6 Migration Assistant
2.7 System Preferences
2.8 Software Update

3.0 Disk Drive Configuration and Maintenance
3.1 Disk Utility
3.2 Erasing Hard Drives
3.3 Partitioning
3.4 Disk and Volume Information
3.5 Disk First Aid
3.6 RAID
3.7 Ejecting Volumes

4.0 User Accounts
4.1 User Accounts Overview
4.2 Creating Accounts
4.3 Parental Controls
4.4 Group Accounts
4.5 Login Options
4.6 Fast User Switching
4.7 Deleting User Accounts

5.0 Security Options
5.1 Keychain Basics
5.2 Multiple Keychains
5.3 Security System Pane
5.4 FileVault
5.5 Encrypted Disk Images
5.6 Secure File Removal
5.7 Resetting Passwords

6.0 File and Application Management
6.1 The Finder
6.2 Volume Hierarchy
6.3 System Resources
6.4 Application Types
6.5 Managing Applications
6.6 Activity Monitor
6.7 Force Quitting
6.8 Searching
6.9 Burning CDs and DVDs
6.10 Archives and Disk Images
6.11 Time Machine

7.0 Ownership and Permissions
7.1 Permission Basics
7.2 Sharing Files
7.3 Repair Permissions

8.0 Printing
8.1 Adding Printers
8.2 Adding Printer Drivers
8.3 Printing Documents
8.4 Custom Printer Settings
8.5 Printer Sharing
8.6 Creating PDFs

9.0 Peripherals
9.1 Buses
9.2 Connecting and Troubleshooting
9.3 Bluetooth
9.4 Peripheral Drivers
9.5 Syncing
9.6 iTunes, iPod, iPhone

10.0 Network Configuration and Troubleshooting
10.1 Network Ports
10.2 Network Locations
10.3 Configuring Ethernet
10.4 Configuring Airport
10.5 Configuring FireWire
10.6 Configuring Modem
10.7 VPN, PPPoE, 6 to 4
10.8 Link Activity
10.9 Network Diagnostics Tool
10.10 Network Utility

11.0 Providing Network Services
11.1 Computer Network Names
11.2 File Sharing Protocols
11.3 File Sharing Configuration
11.4 Screen Sharing
11.5 Remote Management
11.6 Web Sharing
11.7 Internet Sharing
11.8 Additional Services
11.9 Firewall

12.0 Network Configuration and Troubleshooting
12.1 File Sharing Protocols
12.2 Browsing and Connecting
12.3 Manual Connections
12.4 Screen Sharing