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Online Microsoft Excel 2008 for MAC Training Video Course


Online Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac Training Video Course
Single User Price:
12 Months
Unlimited Desktop Library:
12 Months

For those who primarily use a Mac to work with, can easily learn how to master Excel 2008 with our online Excel 2008 for Mac training course. A compete redesign from previous versions of Excel makes it necessary that both new and experienced users get some training in order to get up to date on the latest changes. With the Microsoft Office Excel 2008 online videos, you will learn all the ins and outs of the program for Mac users.

Let our certified subject matter experts teach you to successfully explore Excel and get to know all the new additions and features; work with spreadsheets; create formulas and using the various functions; formatting worksheet data; changing column rows and cells; creating charts; using templates; learn how to use different worksheet techniques; using tables and outlines; and how to protect workbooks and worksheets. You will also learn that the programs in Excel 2008 version of MS Office use the Open Document XML format, making it easier to share information with Windows-based user.

We hire only the very best subject matter experts to teach our online Excel 2008 training tutorial, which ensures that you always receive a quality education. The training tutorial will teach you everything there is to know about Excel 2008 for Mac through full-motion video that feature Excel experts who give you a complete tour of the interface and teaches you how to successfully use all the features and functions of the popular spreadsheet program. The course also features interactive content that makes learning both fun and easy. You will learn through various teaching methods, such as in-depth lectures and discussions that give you step-by-step instructions on how to do specific things.

Busy professionals will enjoy the fact that all learning in our self-study online Excel 2008 web based training course is done at the convenience of you laptop or PC. There is never a need to step foot at on offsite location. The online computer training is also self-paced and self-guided, allowing you the freedom to learn whenever you have the time to learn. The course fits in perfectly with anyone's busy or hectic schedule, making our course the best and most cost-effective choice for learning.


Microsoft Excel 2008 Basic

1.0 Exploring Excel
1.1 Exploring the Excel Program Window
1.2 The Office Button
1.3 The Quick Access Toolbar
1.4 Displaying Tabs
1.5 Using Worksheets and Workbooks
1.6 Entering Data in Excel
1.7 Deleting and Replacing Entries
1.8 Saving
1.9 Opening and Closing Workbooks
1.10 Exiting from Excel

2.0 Viewing, and Printing Worksheets
2.1 Views of Excel
2.2 Selecting
2.3 Working with Cut, Copy, and Paste
2.4 Clearing Cell Contents and Formats
2.5 Working with AutoFill
2.6 Printing

3.0 Using Formulas and Functions
3.1 Formula Basics
3.2 Creating Formulas
3.3 Formula Cell References
3.4 Moving and Copying Formulas
3.5 Showing Formulas

4.0 Formatting Worksheet Data
4.1 Formatting Numbers
4.2 Aligning (vertical, rotating)
4.3 Indenting
4.4 Merging and Splitting Cells
4.5 Borders and Fill Colors
4.6 Using AutoCorrect
4.7 Spell Check

5.0 Changing Columns Rows and Cells
5.1 Inserting and Deleting
5.2 Changing Columns and Row Sizes
5.3 Hiding

6.0 Creating Charts
6.1 Creating Column and Bar Charts
6.2 Creating Pie Charts
6.3 Editing Charts
6.4 Changing Chart Types
6.5 Deleting Charts

Microsoft Excel 2008 Advanced

1.0 Using Templates
1.1 Creating Templates
1.2 Customizing Templates

2.0 Worksheet Techniques
2.1 Freezing Columns and Rows
2.2 Page Layout View
2.3 Copying and Moving Sheets
2.4 Headers and Footers
2.5 Continuing Titles
2.6 Page Breaks
2.7 Inserting and Deleting sheets
2.8 Changing the Default Number

3.0 Using Tables and Outlines
3.1 Creating a Table
3.2 Sorting Data
3.3 Filtering Data
3.4 Using Outlines
3.5 Displaying Subtotals

4.0 Advanced Formulas and Functions
4.1 Linking Formulas
4.2 Using Ranges
4.3 Using Names
4.4 If Function
4.5 PMT Function
4.6 Hlookup
4.7 Vlookup

5.0 Protection
5.1 Protecting Workbooks
5.2 Protecting Worksheets

6.0 PivotTables and PivotCharts

7.0 Data Validation