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Online Microsoft Entourage 2008 Training Video Course


Online Microsoft Entourage 2008 Training Video Course
Single User Price:
12 Months
Unlimited Desktop Library:
12 Months

Tame the chaos by learning how to efficiently use Microsoft Entourage 2008 online training course that will show you how to master the program that is specifically designed for Macs and is similar to Microsoft Outlook. We hire only the very best subject matter experts to teach our self-study online Microsoft Entourage 2008 training video, which means that you will receive a quality education when signing up. These certified instructors have years of experience in the IT field and will pass down all their years of knowledge down to you in our course.

When taking online Entourage 2008 training, frantic schedules and hectic days are changed into well-managed routines by the clean, intuitive Entourage 2008 calendar. You will learn how to use the color-coded categories, status indicators and flexible To-Do list management features designed to organize even the most busy and hectic lifestyles. You will also learn how to be in total sync with your day via the My Day features that is an at-a-glance info pane about your daily events and tasks that is displayed on your computer even if your Entourage is closed. Our certified instructors will also teach you how to filter out junk e-mail so that you only receive the e-mails you want and be able to send illegitimate messages packing. You will be equipped to filter our potential e-mail scams, and more easily discern phishing messages from legitimate ones.

Do not fret if you are too busy to take the course since our online computer training are self-paced and self-guided, allowing you to make your own learning schedule, which is great for those with full-time jobs and those who are too busy to take traditional schooling courses that require you to visit an off-site location to learn. You get to set your own schedule instead of having to follow the schedule of some body else's. The course also allows you to set your own pace so fast learners can speed through each section while slower learners can take as much time as needed. Since the course is totally done on your computer , you can learn in the comforts of your own home or even at the office on your breaks.

In our Microsoft Entourage 2008 web-based training (wbt) course, you will learn via in-depth lectures, discussions, demos and more that are all designed to help you learn faster and retain the information longer !


1.0 Exploring the Entourage Components
1.1 Email Client
1.2 Newsgroup Reader
1.3 Address Book
1.4 Calendar
1.5 Notes
1.6 Tasks
1.7 Project Center

2.0 Using Email
2.1 Reading
2.2 Sending E-mail
2.3 Replying
2.4 Forwarding Messages
2.5 Formatting Messages
2.6 Adding Attachments
2.7 Marking Messages as Read or Unread
2.8 Printing Messages

3.0 Using the Calendar
3.1 Making Appointments
3.2 Making Reminders
3.3 Recurring Appointments
3.4 Planning Meetings

4.0 Using Notes
4.1 Creating and Deleting Notes
4.2 Formatting Notes
4.3 Editing Notes
4.4 Reading Notes
4.5 Printing Notes

5.0 Using Tasks
5.1 Creating and Deleting Tasks
5.2 Viewing the Tasks List
5.3 Recurring Tasks
5.4 Due Dates and Reminders
5.5 Editing Tasks
5.6 Marking Tasks as Complete
5.7 Printing Tasks

6.0 Contacts
6.1 Adding Contacts
6.2 Deleting Contacts
6.3 Creating Groups

7.0 MacOffice My Day

8.0 Marking and Flagging Messages

9.0 Sorting and Filtering Messages
9.1 Sorting Messages
9.2 Filtering Messages
9.3 Finding Messages

10.0 Archiving Entourage Data