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Online Intuit QuickBooks 2008 Training Video Course


Online Intuit QuickBooks 2008 Training Video Course
Single User Price:
12 Months
Unlimited Desktop Library:
12 Months

As the accounting product of choice for many small businesses, learning how to successfully use QuickBooks can make a significant difference in your business, which is why it is important to take our online QuickBooks 2008 training videos today. With each new release of the program, there are many new features to be learned, so whether you are a veteran of the program or a newcomer , our QuickBooks 2008 online tutorial course has something for everyone. The latest edition packs in a variety of improvements, such as importing direct e-mailing via MS Outlook or Outlook Express, easier ways to share vital information with your accountant and the ability to look at the unbilled time and expenses for all of your customers and send invoices from one screen.

In our online Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2008 training, you will learn from certified instructors who have years of experience in the field and who are masters working with the program. They will pass down all their knowledge down to you when you sign up for the course, which means that you will receive a quality education from our online computer training. These certified instructors will teach you how to make your everyday business tasks easier than ever before. You will be able to increase efficiently with the new Outlook e-mail integration, improve accuracy with day-to-day procedures and boost productivity with its easy-to-use and easy-to-understand features. You will also learn how to see the big picture at a glance as you store and organize all of your information plus be able to see all your customer , vendor and employee information in one place!

Our subject matter experts have produced a dynamic curriculum for our QuickBooks 2008 web based training videos, which feature tons of interactive content that will help you learn faster and retain the information longer so that you remember how to use the program when working on it alone. You will learn via step-by-step instructions, in-depth discussions, lectures and demos and even get hands-on practice within our QuickBooks simulated environment that gets you familiar with the program even if you do not have a copy of it installed on your computer.

We understand that having your own business does not allow you a lot of free time, which is why our online QuickBooks 2008 training course is self-paced and self-guided, allowing you to choose when you want to learn. You can also set your own learning pace, which helps fast learners move on through the sections while slow learners can take their time on each topic.


QuickBooks 2008 Basic

1.0 Getting Started
1.1 Starting QuickBooks
1.2 Exploring the Interface and Centers
1.3 Open Additional QuickBooks Windows
1.4 Set Up QuickBooks for Multiple Users
1.5 Navigating Multi-User Mode

2.0 Working with QuickBooks
2.1 Set Up a Company
2.2 Working with the Chart of Accounts
2.3 Entering an Open Balance
2.4 Working with Lists
2.5 List Management Techniques
2.6 Using the Vendors Center
2.7 Using the Employees Center
2.8 Customizing Fields

3.0 Managing Inventory
3.1 Entering Products in Inventory
3.2 Ordering Items and Inventory
3.3 Receiving Items and Inventory
3.4 Paying for Inventory
3.5 Adjusting Inventory Manually

4.0 Tracking Basics
4.1 Creating a Product Invoice
4.2 Creating a Sales Receipt
4.3 Tracking the Chart of Accounts

5.0 Working with Services
5.1 Setting Up Service Items
5.2 Creating a Service Invoice
5.3 Entering Statement Charges
5.4 Managing Billing Statements

6.0 Banking Tasks
6.1 Receiving Payments
6.2 Making a Deposit
6.3 Writing Checks from QuickBooks
6.4 Entering Manually Written Checks
6.5 Transferring Funds
6.6 Reconciling Accounts
6.7 Printing Checks

7.0 Managing Bills
7.1 Entering Bills
7.2 Paying Bills

QuickBooks 2008 Advanced

1.0 Managing Invoices
1.1 Creating a Customer Invoice from Time Tracking
1.2 Creating Invoice Templates
1.3 Modifying Templates
1.4 Emailing Invoices
1.5 Printing Invoices

2.0 Working with Taxes
2.1 Setting up Tax Rates and Agencies
2.2 Managing Sales Tax
2.3 Determining Sales Tax Liability
2.4 Paying Sales Tax
2.5 Creating a Taxable Invoice

3.0 Estimating
3.1 Creating Job Estimates
3.2 Working with Estimates

4.0 Managing Payroll
4.1 Reviewing Payroll Preferences
4.2 Setting Up Employee for Salary, Temp, or 1099
4.3 Setting Up Payroll Information
4.4 Setting Up Payroll Deductions
4.5 Recording the Entries
4.6 Setting Up 1099 Preferences
4.7 Reviewing QuickBooks Payroll Services (online)
4.8 Managing Weekly Timesheets

5.0 Managing Graphs
5.1 Creating QuickInsight Graphs
5.2 Customizing Graphs
5.3 Printing Graphs

6.0 Microsoft Office Integration
6.1 Creating a Customer Letter
6.2 Categorizing Contacts in MS Outlook
6.3 Synchronizing with MS Outlook

7.0 Managing Reports
7.1 Launching Preset Reports
7.2 Modifying Preset Reports
7.3 Creating QuickReports
7.4 Modifying QuickReports
7.5 Exporting Reports
7.6 Printing Reports

8.0 Managing Accounts
8.1 Working with Asset Accounts
8.2 Working with Liability Accounts
8.3 Working with Equity Accounts
8.4 Tracking Credit Card Transaction