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Knowing how to effectively use desktop software is practically a job requirement nowadays, which is why it is important to learn as much as you can about the various desktop applications. Get up to speed with your computer knowledge by taking our office desktop online training courses that will teach you how to successfully master some of the most commonly used desktop programs that you will encounter on the job. Our courses are taught by leading industry professionals who have years of experience working with the various desktop titles, so you will received a quality education when signing up for any of our desktop courses. Our online Desktop training courses are also cost-effective since they include everything you need to learn successfully so you never have to spend more money on any additional materials.






Microsoft Office



Our self-study desktop web based training (WBT) courses feature such titles as, Microsoft Office, Adobe CS3 and the new CS4 programs, Mac training and even others like Lotus and Corel training. We have something for every one and are sure we have the exact training course you need! All our online training courses feature in-depth full-motion training videos that are done online via your computer. You never have to step foot on campus since all the learning is done on your computer and on your free time, making it the perfect choice for busy professionals who do not have much time for learning otherwise. Since our courses are self-paced and self-guided, you are in full control of your learning experience and dictate when you want to learn.

Our desktop office courses feature in-depth discussions, lectures, presentations, interactive demos, step-by-step instructions, hands-on practice activities and quizzes and assessments that track and monitor your progress within the course. You get to learn by seeing and doing and not just by reading from a boring textbook.