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Online Cisco CCSP Training Video Course

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Online Cisco CCSP Training Video Course
Single User Price:
12 Months

Our self-study CCSP online training course delivers the best education available in preparing the student in securing networks using Cisco routers, switches, and other related maintenance, security and optimization tools. The subjects contained in our Cisco CCSP online training course covers layer 2 level security, advanced capabilities and strengths of the IOS firewall, the configuration of Cisco tools and technologies and how to use their features to identify threats and dynamically block them from entering the network, and many other topics. There are four total certification exams comprising the professional designation, covering the Adaptive Security Appliance, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Network Admission Control, and the Cisco Router and Catalyst Switch security features, among others. Our online CCSP training videos are administered by certified Cisco instructors, who have mastered the information and also carry years of IT field experience. When a student learns the proper techniques of securing connectivity for site to site and remote access communications from our online Cisco CCSP online training video, they are receiving a high quality education.

Available CCSP Online Training Modules:

  • SNRS - 642-504
  • SNAF - 642-524
  • IPS - 642-533
  • MARS - 642-545

CCSP Prerequisites:

  • CCNA or
  • CCNA Security

The Cisco CCSP online training course section describing the Intrusion Prevention System details the difference between inline and promiscuous mode sensor operations, attack signatures, alerts and actions, the methods to defeat evasive hacker techniques and the configuration of essential system parameters. Our online CCSP training videos teach students how to tune the security applications to optimize attack mitigation performance and the successful methods of analyzing sensor events to determine the appropriate response to any network attack. Comprehensive, concise and in-depth, the Cisco CCSP online training course ensures the user receives the specific knowledge and training necessary to earn their certification. Filled with interactive content, test and quiz assessments, labs and other learning methods designed to instill the information, absorbing the material and applying it to a given situation is paramount in the user ’s education. Students of our self-study CCSP training online course enjoy the class structure as well as the ability to learn valuable information in the privacy and comfort of home or other favorite relaxing location. Cisco’s Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System, a part of our online CCSP training videos, discusses using the tool for incident investigation and mitigation, the generation of queries and reports, and how to use the tool in configuring and verifying rules to detect interesting patterns of network activity and other anomalous network behavior. Another part of the online CCSP training video describes the Access Control tool, used to verify user roles and rule based policies. Extensive in nature, our Cisco certification training online sessions deliver the information you need in acquiring your desire certification.