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Integrating Microsoft Project with other Microsoft Office Products

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As a product in the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Project integrates with other applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In order to get the most out of integrating with the other applications, Microsoft Project Training is highly recommended. In fact, not only will you learn how to share project data between Project and Excel, by enrolling in Microsoft Project 2007 Training, you’ll learn the skills required to be a much more efficient project manager.

Why would you want to use other applications when you have a full-featured project management package? Integration is useful for communicating project details with others. For example, you can use the Copy Picture to Office Wizard to copy complex project data into an image format for easy viewing by others. You can use the resulting image in PowerPoint presentations, Visio flowcharts, and Word documents or even email it as an attachment to project team members or stakeholders.

To use this wizard, go to the Analysis toolbar and click Copy Picture to Office Wizard and follow the prompts. Alternately, go to the Views menu::Toolbars::Analysis.

You can do even more such as link or embed Excel data into a project. Linking data is especially useful if the source data changes frequently. For example, if other users update the spreadsheet, having it linked to your project file ensures that the updates are reflected in your project.

To link Excel data, go into Excel, select the desired data, and click Copy. Now, go into Project and select the area where you’ll paste the data. Click Paste Special and select Paste Link. When prompted under AS, click Text Data. This link is a one way link meaning that changes to the Excel source data will be update in Project; However , changes to the Project data do not link back to the source data.

These examples use Project 2007. If you use Project 2003, the process is similar. Consider enrolling in Microsoft Project 2003 Training to master your project management tools.